Mill Dogs Revenge


Dogs captive in commercial breeding facilities (aka puppy mills) don’t live well by any stretch of the imagination.

Vicktory Dogs


When Bad Newz Kennels, the notorious dog fighting operation of former NFL superstar Michael Vick, came to light, Best Friends Animal Society took a stand to rescue the dogs.

Pits and Perception

2008 - current

We view the world through the filter of our own perceptions, beliefs and ideas. But perceptions, beliefs and ideas can be influenced and changed.

Face To Face


This series of paintings titled “Face to Face.” They are larger than life paintings of close-up views of animals.

Silent No Longer

2002 - 2004

In this series of paintings I’m exploring a perspective seen every day, but un-noticed. Animals, viewed from above, looking up at us. Or up to us? By painting their faces larger than life and putting them up at our eye level I’m bringing a view that’s often overlooked, sharply into focus.


1997 - 2000

Retablos are depictions of religious scenes often honoring saints of the Catholic Church. They are traditionally painted on wood, and sometimes carved.

Sacred Landscapes

1996 - 2000

I moved to the high desert of Southern Utah in 1984. I was overwhelmed by the landscape, overpowered by the view and entranced by the light.

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